About The Hackitts

Hello and welcome to The Hackitts blog where I’ll be sharing with you all my new projects, tutorials and tips. If you love recycling free materials into useful and beautiful things for your home then you’re in the right place. 

Why The Hackitts? We love a good hack and the challenge of trying to make what we need from what’s around us, recycling and upcycling to earn money and save money is what we do. For our latest tips and tutorials sign up for our weekly newsletter.

 How we make our living from recycling pallets…

We are self taught woodworkers and for the last 16 years we have been making our living creating beautiful items for home and garden.  About 2 years ago we started to produce a new range of products from pallet wood and reclaimed steel and created our successful Etsy shop.  

Rustic tray

We have supplied many cafes with our wares over the years but our most exciting big order was from the Raddison Blu Hotel at Stanstead Airport London. They chose our rustic pallet wood trays  as their new room service trays. Wow! This was a very proud moment for us.  



In our spare time…

Keith’s a bit of a mad inventor!


            Keith and his homemade bandsaw πŸ™‚ 

Using his spare time to create weird looking but very useful bits of machinery from scrap. He made a very impressive bandsaw a few years ago so we could turn huge windfallen trees into beautiful beech planks. His latest project is a stone crushing machine to create hardcore for paths on our land. The machines he makes always look a bit mad (a bit like him) but they always do the job so it’s all good!




Neen BaileyI’m Neen and I’ll be creating the hopefully inspiring content for this blog. My passion is designing and creating new innovative craft ideas from recycled materials. I’ve been a keen crafter for 30 years and decided it was about time I shared my creative ideas in a blog. I’ve been inspired by so many great craft posts I think it’s my time to inspire others.

My ever growing recycling collection is a bit bewildering to some but I have great ideas for all of it I promise. πŸ™‚  My 4 year old grandson recently asked when walking past my recycling pile “Nanna why do you keep rubbish?” hmmm… this caused great amusement to everyone listening. Ok I admit it I’m a hoarder! Anyway Alfie my grandson is fascinated by my creations and I often get a “Wow Nanna…I like that!” so I’m happy. He’s getting old enough to join in now which is great, I’ll have myself a new crafting buddy soon. 

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