Plastic Bottle Vase – Transform a plastic drinks bottle into a stunning vase

Plastic Bottle Vase Tutorial

Bottle vases

In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own unique vase from a plastic bottle, string and a round coaster. The decoration on the vase can be as simple or as intricate as you like. The wrapping technique is the quickest method of decorating your plastic vase but I will also show you examples of other effects.

I use Aldi 1 Litre plastic water bottles for a lot of my vases because I love their hour glass shape and they make a great medium sized vase.


Materials you will need:

Plastic bottle tutorialPlastic bottle
PVA glue
3 ply jute twine and thin cream cotton string.
Thick coaster or 2 thin for the base.
Copydex glue
Rust Oleum spray paint – almond cream




Tools needed:

Sharp Craft knife
Electrical tape or any flexible thin tape.
Sand paper and small paint brush.

Step 1 – Preparing the bottle for decorating.

Remove the label and fill your plastic bottle with water and replace the top. Then using medium grade sand paper start sanding the outside of the bottle all over. It’s easier to sand the plastic bottle when it’s full of liquid as it stops the bottle buckling in when you apply pressure. Sanding the outside helps the glue stick well to the plastic. After you’ve finished sanding the outside empty the water out.


Plastic bottleStep 2 – Shaping the neck of your vase.

Decide what height you would like your vase and using the electrical tape create a line all the way around the top part of the bottle. Then pierce a hole along the top edge of the electrical tape with your craft knife. Follow this edge all the way round. It’s difficult to get this edge perfect but it can be neatened with scissors if necessary. If you would prefer a wavy edge for the top of your vase this can be done by drawing your desired shape on to the plastic. Then pierce the plastic as before with your craft knife and use a sharp pair of scissors to follow the wavy line.

Plastic bottle decor

Step 3 – Creating your design.

I used natural jute twine – 3 ply and thin cream cotton string for this vase.
The wrapping technique is the simplest and quickest method.

I usually start around the centre of the bottle when wrapping as I find it easier. A lot of drinks bottles have a horizontal ring pattern molded into the plastic. This makes it very easy to create straight lines on your vase.
Apply a good covering of PVA glue about an inch wide around the bottle. Then start wrapping the string or wool. In this first stage you will need to hold the string firmly for a little while to make sure it’s got a good hold. Once you have a few wraps secured the process becomes a lot quicker.

MethodUse the the sharp end of  your scissors to keep pushing the string tightly together.When you have the width of band you’re happy with change to another colour. keep adding the glue to a small section at a time and carry on wrapping. Don’t be tempted to cover a large section in glue as I did with my first attempt or you will end up with glue all over. You need to be able to turn the bottle and grip it quite close to where you’re apply the string to get a neat finish.


Step 4 – Paint the base and glue to vase.

Vase baseThe base can be a thick round coaster or a couple of coasters glued together if they’re the thin type.

I painted mine with almond cream Rust-Oleum spray paint but any paint suitable for wood will do. On the purple and lilac vase I just used some acrylic paint and mixed it to the shade I liked.
Once the paints dry apply copydex to the base, make sure you have your vase centred and press it firmly onto the base. Copydex will create a really firm hold but you will need to leave it overnight to dry. Once it’s dry add a few wraps of string to the bottom of the vase where it meets the base. This isn’t essential but I think it creates a better finish.


 Well that’s it your done!! Time to add some beautiful flowers to your vase and enjoy your creation.

plastic bottle vase


Plastic bottleTip for the neck of your vase : if you’ve found it hard to get a neat edge on the neck of your vase just thread a darning needle with the string or wool you are using and sew the edge. The darning needle will pierce the plastic easily. I’ve found this technique works well for the neck of the wavy edge vases.






Plastic bottle detailCreating a more intricate pattern

If you want to create a more intricate design start by creating markers with your string as shown in the pic on the right and leave to dry. Then start filling in the gaps. This is more time consuming but you can get some great effects! You’ll notice the bottle I’ve chosen has a wavy pattern embedded in the plastic, it makes it a lot easier when creating your pattern if you have existing lines to follow. I used the Aldi 1 Litre flavoured water bottle.

I’d love to see your creations so be sure to send a picture of your finished vase. 

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